Itihaas (1997) (DVD) - Evergreen Bollywood Movies

Itihaas (1997) (DVD) - Evergreen Bollywood Movies
Movie name : Itihaas (1997) (DVD)

Category name : Evergreen Bollywood Movies

Stars : Ajay DevgnTwinkle KhannaAmrish Puri

Genre : ActionDramaRomance

Description : Wealthy, powerful, and influential Thakur Digvijay Singh and beautiful Naina are bethrothed and are to be married soon. But Naina has fallen in love with the son, Karan, of Thakur's employee, Balwant. When Thakur finds out about this, he instructs his men to bring in Naina alive, and Karan dead. Karan and Naina run from this community all the way to Bombay. The Thakur announces a hefty reward, and soon bounty hunters are all over Bombay looking for the hapless couple. When Balwant hears about this, he too goes to Bombay, and does locate Karan and Naina. Karan is relieved to see his dad, but his relief soon turns to disbelief, as Balwant instructs him to let go of Naina, as he himself has come as an agent of the Thakur, not as his father.

Length : 150 Mins

Total views : 41469

  (15 votes, average: 5.4 out of 10)

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