Machaan (2021) (HDRip) - Bollywood Movies

Machaan (2021) (HDRip) - Bollywood Movies
Movie name : Machaan (2021) (HDRip)

Category name : Bollywood Movies

Stars : Sonu BhardwajViccky BiadyanathPrateek Goyal

Genre : DramaRomance

Description : The story revolves around a person named Bholashankar, as simple as his name means, living in a quite small backward village named Sabalpur. He was always involved helping all the villagers in their work as their own family members. Bholashankar's father had fixed his marriage with one of his friend Lallan's daughter Kajri, during their childhood. Bholashankar was the only child of his parents, always used to roam with his best friend

Length : 124 Mins

Total views : 7686

  (4 votes, average: 7.5 out of 10)

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